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Back Pain

People suffering from back pain in McKinney can turn to an expert with North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists to find the relief they seek. This is one of the most common injuries and can have many different causes. An experienced doctor can provide the accurate diagnosis needed to determine the best course of treatment.

back pain mckinneyCommon Causes of Back Pain

Anyone of any age can suffer from back pain. This discomfort can occur from a spinal inflammation, a muscle pull, or it could be caused by a tumor in the chest or even a disorder in the aorta. That is why you should never ignore this issue – if you have back pain in McKinney, visit North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists so that we can determine the exact cause of your problem and take the steps necessary to fix it.

Back Pain Treatment in McKinney

We offer several different treatment options for people suffering from back pain in McKinney. The severity of your pain will usually determine the type of treatment we will recommend. These are just a few of the back conditions we treat:

Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease is typically caused by the effects of aging on the spine, which can result in soft discs becoming brittle or collapsing completely. Common symptoms include back and spine discomfort and even other conditions like sciatica. At North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists we treat disc disease with both non-surgical treatments like physical therapy as well as surgical procedures such as minimally invasive spine surgery.


Back PainHerniated Discs

A Herniated Disc occurs when the soft center portion of a spinal disc herniates, or ruptures, through the disc’s outer shell. It typically affects the lower portion of the back and symptoms include numbness, back pain and weakness when lifting or pulling. We treat Herniated Discs with conservative treatment plans, working with each patient to create a treatment plan for their unique situation.


Back Trauma

Back trauma can lead to excruciating pain to the back and also be debilitating. At North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists, we can provide the treatment needed to help you get back to the activities you love as quickly as possible. Most back pain caused from trauma can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, rest and an ice pack. If your injury persist and conservative treatments are not effective physical therapy or more aggressive treatments like surgery may be recommended.

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Please get in touch with the experts with North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists if you are suffering from back pain in McKinney. Contact us online or call our office in McKinney at (972) 704-1535 to schedule an appointment.