How to Prevent Back Pain while Exercising

Back pain can be debilitating. If you’re exercising, you’re doing something right… so why should back pain make you feel like everything’s going wrong? You may even be wondering, “Should I work out if my back hurts?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Exercises to Avoid with Back Pain

How to Prevent Back Pain While ExercisingWhile exercise is good for you, there are some exercises which can exacerbate – or even cause – back pain. Any exercise which puts strain on your back, especially, should be avoided. This includes jogging and running, intense treadmill exercise (especially on an incline,) high-impact aerobics, and lifting weights over your head.


However, there are plenty of exercises you can still do. In fact, staying active can speed up recovery times, provide relief from back pain, and help you maintain your best level of health.

Exercises to Prevent and Reduce Back Pain

Walking is a fantastic exercise overall. It’s especially great for anyone suffering from back pain, because it is low-impact and non-jarring. Not only is walking unlikely to trigger pain, it can actually help provide back pain relief.


Another great exercise to relieve back pain is yoga, which can provide increased flexibility and improved range of movement. Start slow and focus on what you can do; don’t try to push yourself to complete poses that are too difficult or which exacerbate back pain.


Swimming is another excellent option, as it is low-impact and doesn’t require much twisting of the back. Water provides resistance but also support, which reduces stress on the spinal column while at the same time strengthening back and core muscles. No matter what exercise you choose, make sure you ease into a routine, stay hydrated, and stretch afterward. All of these things will help to prevent further injury and keep your body conditioned, for better performance and reduced pain.

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