Treating Back Pain after Trauma

Physical injury to the neck and back can result in spinal injury. In severe cases, such trauma can lead to permanent disability. Due to the serious nature of such injuries, it is important to minimize any movement and seek medical care as soon as possible. Qualified experts will be able to determine the cause accurately and the extent of the injury suffered before proceeding to offer treatment. Even when back injuries do not affect the nerves, injury to this part of the body is associated with debilitating pain.

Treating Back Pain

Treating Back Pain After TraumaThe main aim of back pain treatment after trauma is to ensure that there is pain relief and that movement is restored. The treatment option used will depend on the extent and severity of the injury.

  • Pain medications

When the pain is not severe, doctors are likely to prescribe over-the-counter painkillers. However, in cases of severe pain, the doctor will prescribe stronger pain medicines. Doctors may also prescribe muscle relaxants depending on the situation. However, these medications can cause drowsiness and also dependence.

  • Injections of steroids and anesthetics

When back pain is chronic, your primary doctor may refer you to a back or pain specialist for specialized treatment. The specialist can inject steroids or anesthetics directly into the affected area to help in controlling the pain. Where there is pinching of a nerve from the spinal cord, there could be a need for surgery.

  • Electrical stimulation of nerves

Modern treatment methods for long-standing back pain include radio frequency ablation. Here, the doctor will use electrical stimulation to make nerves less sensitive to pain or to wreck the nerves so as to deal with the pain.

  • Rhizotomy

Rhizotomy is a surgical procedure that involves severing of nerves so that pain is not transmitted to the brain.


In some cases, doctors will add spinal manipulation to drug therapy in a treatment procedure called osteopathic treatment. This may later be followed by physical exercises and therapy.

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