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Neck Pain

Neck Pain One of the most common complaints patients bring to North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists is neck pain. In many instances, this type of problem can simply be due to a strained muscle of some sort. In other cases, however, it can be a sign of a serious problem that needs to be treated properly in order to ensure there is no threat to a patient’s quality of life.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

If you suffer any sort of injury to the nerves, bones or muscles that make up the neck, you can obviously experience neck pain. However, you can also suffer neck discomfort if you have an injury to your jaw, shoulder or even your upper arms. Again, the majority of neck pain is relatively minor and can be effectively treated with medication and rest. But there are some instances where neck pain can be an indication of something serious. These are some of those serious conditions.

Cervical Disc Damage – Neck pain could signify that damage has occurred to your cervical spine or vertebrae. There could also be a problem with the padding between your vertebrae, known as cervical discs.

Spinal Stenosis – Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spine canal that can lead to compression of the nerves. This could result in a great deal of overall body weakness, balance loss and potentially even paralysis.

Bulging Disc – This condition occurs when a disc bulges outside of the area that it typically occupies within the vertebrae but does not rupture. It can lead to pain, numbness, weakness and, in certain circumstances, a narrowing of the spinal canal.

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If you experience neck pain on a regular basis, or your discomfort still remains even after you take pain medication, you should get in touch with North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists. We will get to the root of the problem and determine the treatment plan that will eliminate your pain for good. To schedule an appointment, call office in McKinney at (972) 704-1535 or contact us online.