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Spinal Fusion Surgery

spine pain neurosurgeon dallas txBack pain can be caused by a number of different ailments, but for some patients it is related directly to the vertebrae. Your vertebrae make up the spinal cord, working in concert with nerves, discs, muscles and more. If parts of your spine move incorrectly or suffer trauma, the vertebrae may start to painfully push against various nerves or nearby tissue. In appropriate cases, the neurosurgeon at North Texas Brain & Spine Specialists will recommend spinal fusion surgery to alleviate back pain.


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Spinal fusion surgery is a process that uses bone tissue to fuse together two or more vertebrae to reduce movement. This bone tissue may come from the patient or from a matched donor. Once complete, the fused vertebrae will work as one. Spinal fusion surgery may be used to treat spine disorders, such as scoliosis, but it is also used to relieve the pain of degenerative conditions.

Conditions That May Require Spinal Fusion

Minimally-Invasive Spinal Fusion Surgery

At the North Texas Brain & Spine Specialists, our neurosurgeon uses the latest in minimally invasive spine care techniques and tools. This helps our patients experience less trauma and faster healing times. In your spinal fusion evaluation with Dr. Benae, he will explain the process in detail and answer questions about your condition (such as whether it requires cervical fusion or lumbar fusion).


There are many variables involved when it comes to successful spinal fusion. Everything from general overall health to activity level can affect the outcome. In most cases, it will take a few months before the vertebrae completely fuse. During this time, most patients are able to still take short walks and perform light exercise. Your neurosurgeon will provide a more detailed prognosis after completing a full diagnostic evaluation.

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