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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Many patients have benefitted greatly from minimally invasive spine surgery, enjoying faster recovery times and a substantially reduced amount of pain and scarring. North Texas Brain and Spine Specialists professionals have a great deal of experience in this advanced surgical technique to help patients suffering from conditions affecting the neck and back.

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Minimally Invasive Spine SurgerySince minimally invasive spine surgery does not require the long incisions associated with traditional, open surgery, the muscles surrounding the spine suffer far less damage. As with any surgical procedure, however, we will not recommend minimally invasive spine surgery until we have exhausted all non-surgical alternatives such as physical therapy and medication.

Minimally invasive techniques have been used for decades in procedures such as spinal fusion and decompression. Spinal fusion joins painful vertebrae together to reduce pain, while decompression involves the removal of a herniated disc or portions of bone that are putting pressure on spinal nerves.

While open surgery typically results in an incision that can be five or six inches long, minimally invasive spine surgery incisions are a fraction of that amount. Also, traditional techniques usually require the pulling back of muscles so the surgeon can see the problem area. This usually results in substantial muscle damage and an extended recovery period. Minimally invasive techniques, on the other hand, allow a surgeon to clearly see the area that needs to be treated without the need for extensive muscle retraction.

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